How to Buy a Cheap Domain?


How to buy a cheap domain for your website?

The whole purpose of buying an expired domain is that you get some byproducts along with your domain name as you can get backlinks and also some high PA and DA so you don't have to worry about your website traffic anymore, as soon as you get go live you can get your traffic on your website.

There are a lot of platforms from where you can see and find expired domains but we are going to use the most powerful tools.

First of all, you need to go here [Image]

This is one of the most used websites for finding expired domains. Here you can simply log in. After that, on the dashboard, you can see it has a lot of columns and filters which you can use to find the suitable domain name. [Image]

Now we are going to see how we can find a better domain so here we can see this show filter so you will click on this and here you can see there are a lot of filters some additional filters and some SEO related filters as well, like ranking, traffic and if you want to filter on the .com and .nets you can select them and then you can apply the filter and here you can see that it is only giving us .com and .net related domains so if we click on this backlink it will sort it for you. [Image]

Click on domain and go on to or NameCheap and you can buy these domains from there. [Image]